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Membership Information

Membership Special Deals
Special Memberships


  • Life Member. A life member pays one fee and gains permanent (non-transferable) membership.  Life Members are acknowledged on this website. The fee is $1000.00. Of this 20% is a tax-deductible donation to the Scholarship Fund.

  • Associate Member. Parents of ex-students, staff and ex-staff of the school and donours to the school are able to register as Associate Members. While Associate Members are unable to be elected to committee positions, they are able to attend functions and events. Moreover, they are able to be co-opted to the Committee and its sub-committees as advisors. The annual fee is $50.00. Of this $10 is a tax-deductible donation to the Scholarship Fund. 

  • Honorary Members. Honorary Membership is reserved for persons, selected by the Committee, who have made significant contributions to the School or the Association but did not attend the School. The current Gilmore College Principal is automatically an Honorary Member. Honorary members pay no fees but may make donations. They are invited to all Alumni events. The  Honorary members are acknowledged on this website .



Standard Membership

We have several classes of membership (including a number of very special deals!


  • Member. You can be an Old Flame simply by registering. If you have attended either Kwinana High School, Kwinana Senior High School or Gilmore College and you have left the school and completed your secondary education, you can enrol. An Alumni Member can vote at General Meetings and participate in Alumni events and has access to all sections of this website. There is no membership fee.

  • Financial Member. Financial members get all of the above. Financial members will be able to stand for election to Committee positions, receive priority invitations to events where attendance is limited and take advantage of discounts and special offers.  Financial Members are acknowledged on this website. The annual fee is $50.00. Of this 20% is a tax-deductible donation to the Scholarship Fund.​


Gilmore Graduates?

All Gilmore College students may apply for financial membership after their eighteenth birthday and after leaving school. They will become Financial Members but will not pay any fee for five years until they reach the age of 23.


You can apply for membership on this web site.


When you apply, you will receive notification (and where appropriate, an invoice by email). You can pay on-line here. Bpay and major credit cards are accepted.

Once approved, you will be notified with your:


  • membership number and

  • a receipt for any fees you have paid.

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