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Membership Fees

Schedule of Fees 2018




Any Financial Member who joins the KSHS Gilmore College Alumni Association Inc in 2018 will become a Founding member and have their status as a Founding Financial Member acknowledged on the Association web page.


Please note the following:


  • All membership fees are non-refundable.

  • 20% of each membership fee will be transferred as a member donation to the KSHS-Gilmore College Alumni Scholarship Trust Fund. This will be used to support programmes and students at Gilmore College in line with the objectives of this Association.

  • Pro-rata membership fees are charged for part-years. Pro-rata payments will be based on quarter-years.

  • All memberships granted before 30 June 2019 are considered to be Foundation members.




Annual Financial Membership:                   $50

Life Member (pay before 30 June 2019):   $900.00

Life Member after 30 June 2019:                $1000.00

Associate Member annual:                          $50.00

Honorary Member:                                       nil


Click here for membership fee specials.




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