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Financial Member Benefits

Why pay when I can be a member without paying a fee?

Please note, we will be working to provide as many benefits to our members as possible and the information below is just the start.

The Alumni Association will require some ongoing financial contributions to run as an organisation. While it is expected that the Association will be as frugal as possible, there will be some costs to pay for registration, auditing, this web-site and associated services.

Of course, our main aims are to support member activities such as reunions and member-events and to support the next generations of students coming through their high school education. We will be looking at a variety of ways of supporting the second objective and not all of it will involve money. For example, in-kind contributions such as the presentation of prizes and awards, offering workplace-experience to students, etc will not require any Association funds. As our funding base grows, however, we will be in a position to offer prizes, awards and scholarships. 

While most financial members would be quite happy to contribute to the above without expecting other benefits in return, the public-spirit of financial members deserves some rewards!


An Alumni Member who has paid the annual subscription  becomes an Alumni Financial Member.  We encourage all “Old Flames” and other members to become Financial.  This will be the primary form of membership through which “Old Flames” can contribute to the future of the school,  and the work of the Association.

In addition to the benefits of being an Alumni member, an “Old Flame” who is a Financial Member will receive the following additional benefits:

  • acknowledgement on the Roll of Financial Members on the Alumni web page.

  • priority in ticketing to limited attendance events;

  • tickets to events at a discount to acknowledge their status as Financial Members.

  • Financial Members will be permitted to pay their Annual Membership fee in advance for a maximum 5 years;

  • the satisfaction of knowing that their financial contribution is assisting with the program of work of the Alumni Association  and by doing that supporting the students of the College;

  • eligibility to stand for election to a position on the Management Committee of the Alumni Association; and

  • eligibility to serve on sub-committees of the Association;



Special Classes of Membership


Life Member

In addition to the benefits of Financial Membership any “Old Flame” who is a Life Member will be acknowledged on the Roll of Life Members on the Alumni web page.


Associate Members

May include parents of current or former students and current or former administrators, teachers or donors to the School.

  • may be invited join the Management Committee under Rule 13 in order to augment the skills of the Committee.

  • may serve on Sub-committees of the Association

  • will make a financial and other contribution to the Association and the successful achievement of its objectives.


Founding Members


Any Financial Member who joins the KSHS Gilmore College Alumni Association Inc in 2018 will become a Founding member and have their status as a Founding Financial Member acknowledged on the Association web page.

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