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Make a Payment

Notify us that you have paid/donated.

Whichever payment option you use, please take a few seconds to send us a short message to let us know that you have sent a payment through. In the 'Add Message' section please indicate the purpose of your payment and amounts. For example:

Membership Fee: $50.00

Donation to Association: $10.00

Donation to the Scholarship Fund: $20.00

Total amount sent: $75.00

Thanks! Your support is appreciated.



Our preferred method for payment is direct bank transfer. It is safe and incurs no extra charges.

Funds should be transferred to:


BSB: 633000

Account No: 185982808

Bendigo Bank

Account: KSHS-Gilmore College Alumni Association Inc

You must include your invoice number or your name with the transfer.

Preferred Payment Method


(including your Credit Card)

Use the PayPal Option

If you have a PayPal account you can make online payments here. Remember to provide sufficient details so that we can identify you and the reason for your payment.

This option provides flexibility but the Association is charged a proportion of your payment as a service charge so our preferred payment method is a direct bank transfer (above).

You can use credit cards to make payments via PayPal.

Just press the 'Donate' button below to make a payment or donation.

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button
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