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SS Kwinana was an Australian ocean-going cargo and passenger steamship. She was built in England in 1892 as the cargo ship SS Darius. In 1912 she changed owners, was refitted as a cargo and passenger ship and renamed Kwinana.

She was damaged in 1920–21 by a fire in her cargo, and wrecked in 1922 when she drifted ashore about 15 miles (24 km) south of FremantleWestern Australia.


The site of her wreck is now called Kwinana Beach, and her remains are automatically protected by Australian Federal Law.

The above map shows the (very) approximate boundaries of Kwinana (in red) and the Kwinana Senior High School 'catchment' in the 1970s.

Kwinana on what is now Kwinana Beach,

Western Australia

Did you know?


Kwinana means "young woman" or "pretty maid" in one of the Australian Aboriginal languages of the Kimberley region.

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