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Gilmore College is an independent public mixed-sex educational high school in Western Australia that is approx. 32 km SSW of the Perth CBD. The school is located on Dargin Place in the suburb of Orelia. 

Motto: Trust (Gilmore College) Trust & Be Trusted (Kwinana Senior High School)

Founded: 1956

GenderMixed-sex education

Enrolment: ~1000


The current name Gilmore College, as well as Gilmore Avenue (landmarks in Kwinana) are named in honour of the ship Gilmore or Gillmore 1824 ship which was built in CalcuttaBritish India in 1824 arrived in a voyage to deliver settlers to the Swan River Colony in 1829–1830. Its fate was that it got shipwrecked on Hard Lewis on 12 April 1866.


Kwinana Senior High School

In 2003, the minister of education of the day, Alan Carpenter, announced a A$26 million plan to improve educational opportunities for Kwinana youth.

The school was renamed from Kwinana Senior High School to Gilmore College in 2006 following a poll in the local community in 2005. The school's name is taken from the road the school was once located on, Gilmore Avenue. This in turn was taken from the Gilmore, the boat that the early settlers arrived in the area on in 1829.[2]

The middle school was completed by the end of 2007, The senior school was completed later in 2008.

Gilmore College.

A fire began in the school under suspicious circumstances in February 2008 causing extensive damage to the school, estimated at A$500,000. Three classrooms and part of a hallway were engulfed and smoke damage occurred in other areas.

The school, situated in the Federal seat of Brand hosted a community forum run by the then Prime Minister Julia Gillard in 2012. Other Labor ministers such as local MHR Gary Gray and Chris Evans also attended the event.



Hermann Berthold         1956–1958

Hermann Berthold         1959–1961

George Sherriff               1962–1975

Barnard Quinn                1976

Brian Feld                         1977–1984

Graham Bown                 1985–1989

Halina Szunejko              1990–1994

Edward Harken               1995–1997

Diane Wood                     1998–2004

Graham Butler                 2005–2007

Graham Butler                 2008–2010

Carolyn Cook                    2011–2015

Rohan Smith                     2015–

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