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You have reached the website of the Kwinana Senior High School - Gilmore College Alumni Association Inc in Western Australia.

Visitors are welcome to browse but only members have full access to this website.


If you are an ex-student of Kwinana Senior High School or Gilmore College or you were/are a teacher or a parent of an ex-student, you can become a member.

Once your site membership has been approved, you can complete additional information to complete your enrolment as an Alumni Member.

KSHS Gilmore Alumni Welcome


The Alumni Association aims to:


  • Strengthen links between Gilmore College and former Kwinana Senior High School and Gilmore College students by providing a platform for ex-students to communicate with each other, organise reunions and other events.  

  • Re-establish and maintain connections with the history of KSHS/Gilmore College going back to the 1950s.

  • Celebrating the success of current and former students.

  • Assist current students by supporting and recognising achievements in academic, sporting and citizenship.


We will do this by working closely with the school, assisting students and staff to connect to the community by sponsoring events and programmes (eg work experience), sponsoring prizes and awards, participating in school and community events and fundraising.


Most importantly, we will provide this website and other means of communication, to keep ex-students connected and enable to organisation of events that connect us.


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Following a suggestion by the 2016 Gilmore College Principal, it was decided that Kwinana Senior High School / Gilmore College Alumni Association was too clumsy for all but the most formal documents. 


The school was established to support the population that moved into the Kwinana region in support of the new industrial area, led by BP's oil refinery. For many decades the bright flame at the top of BP's exhaust stack was a dominant landmark. This was recognised by the school with the original KSHS Crest and the logo on the school's Flame magazine. 


The short title of Old Flames seems an appropriate way of referring to members of the alumni.


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